Grad has arrived at my alma matter. Brooks Secondary School. Home of the Thunderbirds. Birthplace of the crispy bangs. All I could think of during my grad weekend was that it was finally over.  Finished.  The end.  That and how to sneak a watermelon filled with vodka into the after-party. “School’s out for EVER”  – Alice Cooper   […]

Dark Birdsong

Took a solo, contemplative bike ride this morning.  Delighted by the fact that my jacket matched the color of the little pitty shitty green buds that barf from maple trees this time of year.  With just a spit of rain they can turn greasy but early this morning they were fluffy and swirly like yesterday’s […]

Wonder Women

The late 70’s were an excellent time for pretend.  Especially pretend driven by hallucinogens.  I was not a hard-core drug user as a child but what I presented to the outside world would lead anyone to believe that I was eating mushrooms in the forest where I played. I gravitated to kick ass women that were made […]

Can I taste your juice?

If you’ve ever slid face first into wet soccer field, mouth agape, you’ve tasted the earthy delights of a juice cleanse.  And maybe even, in that moment, previewed the nutritional equivalent of one. Right now I’m day three of a first and very noisy adventure into juicing and still not sure how I feel about it.  Besides empty, […]

The Power of The Feels

Once a year the fair came to town.  It was named the Powell River Sea Fair because we lived by the sea and there were no hot ad houses in the area at the time.  Late night meetings discussing names like Crispy Hair Fair, Delayed Ferry Fair and Geographic Isolation Fair never happened.  In a town where you […]