Adventures In The Dark

I loved Babar books when I was a kid.  We didn’t own any so getting your hands on a Babar meant going to town.  Babar was an elephant that left his small town and went to the big city.  That resonated with me as a senior toddler.  Babar came back and was crowned king of his home town and married his cousin.  I like to think that is what put me off Babar.

One of the most beloved books for the next generation of our family was Adventures In The Dark, or “Bentures Inda Dark” as the wee ones called it.  The Berenstein Bears cubs, brilliantly named Brother and Sister like some crazy wilderness congregation , got spooked by a book from the library….possibly one about an incestuous elephant…..and ended happily with someone getting a nightlight.

I’ve got a “Benture” coming up and I can’t say i’m not nervous about it.  Especially the parts in the dark.  Starting next week, i’m joining up with the National Inside Ride Tour to host indoor cycling events in towns from Eastern Canada to Western Canada, simply put, to raise funds for kids with cancer.

We’ll be traveling in a strange procession of SUV, Cube Van and Transport Truck.  Baby Bear, Mama Bear & Papa Bear.  The dark part comes when we bunk down in the back of the transport like we’re about to be hauled across the Mexican border.  Not sure if you’ve spent much time in the back of a transport but I know one thing….no nightlight.  I’ve been a deckhand on a commercial fishing boat, I can do this.

So for 10 of their 23 days, I will clean up my act and join them.  Kingston Ontario to Edmonton Alberta.  Not quite sure what to expect taking this on but i’m somewhat of a Benture Capitalist so will happily find out.  For the duration I will be a guest blogger over at the Coast To Coast Against Cancer site  and will try to do the experience justice.  Gathering a bunch of like minded, enthusiastic and dedicated people together with a big stereo and an even bigger mission is going to be challenging to recapture with just words but that’s what i’m going to try my best to do.  I’ve yelled in many of the towns before…Kingston, Barrie, Sudbury, Thunder Bay, Winnipeg, Regina, Saskatoon and especially Edmonton. Something about Edmonton brings that out in people.  Particularly around Grey Cup.

By the way, you’re all invited.  If I am in your town and you come on down, we can yell together.  I’ll teach you what FYC stands for.

And by the way, if you want to find some good quality entertainment online, search Adventures + Bears + Dark.  Enjoy!  See you back here in a couple weeks.

ps.  twitter is coming with me @annakgustafson


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