Piper Down

The good dishes.  The fancy outfit.  The deluxe bottle of champs. For as much as I go hard at life, I tend to save nice things for occasion type days.  Days of significance.  One’s that can be the bones of a story to write.  There is a shitload of pretty things in my storage under […]

The Victory Sleep

For the last four years I’ve willingly agreed to sleep in the back of a transport truck, drive more miles that should be driven in a day and eat more drive thru oatmeal than one blonde lady should without having access to three bears.  The Inside Ride National Tour is draining both physically and emotionally and […]

Pinky Swear

One of the most thoughtful donations I received for this years ride was use of a beautiful cottage in the days following.  There is a lot of physical and emotional recovery that needs to be tended to.  It’s day four and I’m still just super excited about not having a bra on. I’m not sure […]

Epic Cycling Events & College

Tour For Kids planted us in the familiar surrounding of our memories for the weekend while we rode and rode and rode. I’ve been around these guys for years and have much to look back on.  Everywhere you look there are equal parts Tour For Kids memories bumping up against your college memories. If you have any.  So […]

Road Closed

There isn’t a human that has tried getting from point A to point B in the summer that hasn’t been plagued by road construction in this city.  Have you heard this one…”There are two seasons in Toronto.  Winter and construction HA HA HA LOL!”  We all have.  It’s the Toronto traffic version of “I just flew […]