Road Stories

Road stories from a Canadian comic tend to be filled with abusive drunks, terrifying road conditions and accomodations where you get your sleep one eye at a time.  So are some discount vacation stories.  If you know me at all, I’m always looking for a story to tell. When I started travelling across the country in […]


It’s pretty easy, when you have full control of your content, to paint a picture of strength, relentless endurance and physical fitness.  All part of writing fiction baby!  Character airbrushing.  All this ultra mondo cycling fuss is bright side/aspirational me.  Dark side me hasn’t been able to read more that one page in a book […]

Happy Baby Prose

There’s a tone that parents have when telling their children something scary.  A tone that smoothes over anything potentially frightening.  They deliver the pertinent information but with a high, light voice that could be saying “We should go to Disneyland”  The end of the story is written and they are selling you hard on how it’s […]


Ride enough and you’re going to need some new things.  You’ll wear out those poofy-ass shorts more quickly as you up your game.  Bonk your head, new helmet.  Six hours on a bike gives you plenty of time to come up with a multitude of reasons why you need a fancier bike.  Some riders are so intense […]

So Blue

Blue is the colour of auditions.  If you’re the colour of me.  Blonde hair, blue eyes, blue shirt.  The three B’s of television.  There was never really a time where I took auditioning for commercials seriously.  It was just something comedians did.  Some brilliantly.  Me not so much.  Wearing a shirt in a flattering colour […]