Wonder Women

The late 70’s were an excellent time for pretend.  Especially pretend driven by hallucinogens.  I was not a hard-core drug user as a child but what I presented to the outside world would lead anyone to believe that I was eating mushrooms in the forest where I played. I gravitated to kick ass women that were made […]

The Power of The Feels

Once a year the fair came to town.  It was named the Powell River Sea Fair because we lived by the sea and there were no hot ad houses in the area at the time.  Late night meetings discussing names like Crispy Hair Fair, Delayed Ferry Fair and Geographic Isolation Fair never happened.  In a town where you […]

Baby Got Bike

Freedom and independence.  Name me one other thing that kids want that doesn’t come in a box.  Okay, popsicles.  But really, your children would rather you give them a buck and point them in the direction of the store than to hand them one out of the freezer.  Unless you train them to expect that […]

Lund Farm Day Camp

My home town wasn’t big enough to need a whole lot of creativity when it came to naming things.  The hotel was called the Lund Hotel.  The Community Centre/Gymnasium/Theatre was called the Lund Hall. Lund Harbour. Lund Store. The school, Lund School.  The students of that school, forever the Lund Kids. And the Lund Highway was […]

Happy Baby Prose

There’s a tone that parents have when telling their children something scary.  A tone that smoothes over anything potentially frightening.  They deliver the pertinent information but with a high, light voice that could be saying “We should go to Disneyland”  The end of the story is written and they are selling you hard on how it’s […]