The Stories

Back in the olden days, t.v. shows were on at a certain scheduled time of day.  Tivo was just someone in your neighbourhood from Finland.  On Demand didn’t exist unless you were a spoiled, only child.  Online was where you hung your laundry to make it smell like outside. If you wanted to watch something, […]


An ordinary everyday phrase spoken in a small town can be the best thing you’ve heard in a week if heard in the city.  “It’s skunky out, watch for cougars.”  These were not words of warning spoken as to the clientele of a bar but the standard spring nature advisory issued prior to heading out […]

Irish Pete

As the day of green beer and ancestry manipulation arrives, I am down one soul.  As poetic as it is to have happened on St. Patrick’s Day, my beloved neighbour from down the road, Irish Pete,  has moved on.  Not to heaven, just to Pickering.  I live in one of those rare neighbourhoods where I […]