Jersey Girl

Part of cycling is the outfits.  BIG part of cycling.  Don’t let anyone tell you that it’s for visibility on the road because it’s full on closet fashionistas dying to be unleashed on to a catwalk somewhere.  This isn’t a high-profile enough stance to have as an athlete so we use terms like “body-mimicking fit” & “moisture […]

Lessons From Gilda

Anyone that knows me, or the good parts of my act, knows where I’m from.  Lund, British Columbia. The end of the highway.  The land that cable forgot.  We had one channel growing up (CBC…of course) and two record players.  We’d gather for Tommy Hunter and Hockey Night in Canada as a family, but you […]

Fatty Fatty Two By Four

Remember that one?  Fatty fatty two by four, can’t get through the kitchen door.  I was still in the “little classroom” when this was a popular way to tease someone.  Little classroom being the elementary school room that held Kindergarten to Grade 3.  Bla bla bla, small town etc.  Here’s the important part, I was not […]

Road Closed

There isn’t a human that has tried getting from point A to point B in the summer that hasn’t been plagued by road construction in this city.  Have you heard this one…”There are two seasons in Toronto.  Winter and construction HA HA HA LOL!”  We all have.  It’s the Toronto traffic version of “I just flew […]

First one that smelt it

My first impression of Toronto was different from the one most Vancouverites hold dear, whether or not they’ve ever been to the city.  I was captivated.  There was just so much goddamn brick everywhere!  The absence of cedar and glass was jarring at first but the way this town sat itself with such historical depth into the […]