Had a great moment at a funeral a while back.  Yes I just said that.  I’ve gotten to a place where I can dial back the emotion, that place being Swedish genetics, and enjoy the life being remembered.  A common theme in every fully lived life, i’m finding, is a shared love by the remaining […]


So there’s this thing that I do.  Agree to things.  Not sure when fear shifted position from being the lead in my life to being the after thought.  Fear rode on my handlebars most days through high school.  I may just be, as the lady elders say, getting “dotty”.   Sounds cute!  Like something swishy […]

Artsy Fartsy

Back in the day, which is an expression I use when I don’t want to specify dates, Artsy Fartsy was occasionally used as a disparaging remark.  Usually from those that believed somewhere along the line you had to pick whether you were going to be an academic (aka: successful) or Artsy Fartsy (aka: wears drawstring […]

The Winter Of My Discontent

You can’t decide to plunk your home office in the least insulated part of the house and expect not to be inspired to get some feelings down when the hand of winter becomes cold enough to bitch-slap your retro thermometer off the side of the house.  I loved that thing. Staring at me through the […]

Dressing for Success

As someone who primarily works from home, I don’t always dress for success.  If we’re being really truthful, I sometimes don’t even dress.  As a matter of fact, this blog is being drafted in the glory that is full late afternoon commando.  Deal with it.  My back yard neighbours with the new fence have learned […]