Piper Down

The good dishes.  The fancy outfit.  The deluxe bottle of champs. For as much as I go hard at life, I tend to save nice things for occasion type days.  Days of significance.  One’s that can be the bones of a story to write.  There is a shitload of pretty things in my storage under […]

Lessons From Gilda

Anyone that knows me, or the good parts of my act, knows where I’m from.  Lund, British Columbia. The end of the highway.  The land that cable forgot.  We had one channel growing up (CBC…of course) and two record players.  We’d gather for Tommy Hunter and Hockey Night in Canada as a family, but you […]

The Victory Sleep

For the last four years I’ve willingly agreed to sleep in the back of a transport truck, drive more miles that should be driven in a day and eat more drive thru oatmeal than one blonde lady should without having access to three bears.  The Inside Ride National Tour is draining both physically and emotionally and […]

Road Stories

Road stories from a Canadian comic tend to be filled with abusive drunks, terrifying road conditions and accomodations where you get your sleep one eye at a time.  So are some discount vacation stories.  If you know me at all, I’m always looking for a story to tell. When I started travelling across the country in […]

Ride Up Gather Round

It’s not often that I jump out of bed singing a Def Leppard song but it happens.  I could pretend that I have more sophisticated tastes in music but anyone who sees what I have been inspired to wear today will be able to bust me.  It’s not music I have on my player, but one of […]