Epic Cycling Events & College

Tour For Kids planted us in the familiar surrounding of our memories for the weekend while we rode and rode and rode. I’ve been around these guys for years and have much to look back on.  Everywhere you look there are equal parts Tour For Kids memories bumping up against your college memories. If you have any.  So here are a few notes on why epic cycling events are like college.

  1. First and foremost, you pre drink.  As early as you can get started the night before.
  2. You keep drugs in tiny baggies and stash them in your back pockets.
  3. You check to see what everybody is wearing the night before and then plan your flashy outfit accordingly.
  4. Selfies.  Selfies.  Selfies.
  5. You could absolutely, positively sleep all day if you didn’t have to get up for crack of dawn breakfast.
  6. Meals come in scoops and you have to eat with everyone and it has to be at the time they tell you.
  7. You never go out without a wing man.
  8. You shoot pretty colored drinks at high velocity into your mouth.
  9. You enjoy full sugar Coke like calories are dumb.
  10. You get to eat a lot of noodles
  11. You’re nice to the other teams on campus but you truly believe that yours is the best.
  12. Someone is going to post a picture of you where you should have been dressed more appropriately.
  13. You forget your room key…and your room number…you can’t find your room even if you have a key and a number.
  14. People will come into your room and sit on your floor and eat your good snacks.
  15. Someone will continue a meaningful conversation with you that you don’t recall ever starting.
  16. You should probably do a better job of washing your clothes.  There are always a few that just don’t.
  17. Chips are a food group.
  18. You’ll walk slowly, without purpose or direction, and be completely unaware of being in anyone’s way or where you are going.
  19. You’ll eat way too few vegetables and a load of carbs.
  20. There’s always one haywire person in the group that everyone has to be mindful of.
  21. You’ll find bruises and dirt that you don’t know the origin of.
  22. Calf tattoos.
  23. You will be forever changed.  
  24. You will always be connected to this strange group of people.  Your Alumni.  
  25. For all the hard work, cringeworthy Facebook photos and surprise bruises, it will one of the most memorable experiences of your life.  

To donate to my ride:  Tour For Kids

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