Baby Got Bike

Freedom and independence.  Name me one other thing that kids want that doesn’t come in a box.  Okay, popsicles.  But really, your children would rather you give them a buck and point them in the direction of the store than to hand them one out of the freezer.  Unless you train them to expect that […]

Circle Back

I’m beginning with the end in mind.  Not a bad move anytime you’re in contemplation mode over decision that lays ahead.  There’s an end each year that I don’t enjoy.  Not stranger danger New Years Eve type end but the end of Tour For Kids. I don’t like cycling so much that I’d happily forfeit […]

Topless Riding

I fully support…wait.  Need a better word.  I fully endorse the right to ride your bike topless.  My practical side though, as well as my reserved side, get in the way of exposing my front side.  While in motion. I get that I’m a cyclist and I get that I’m a feminist but get this, […]

Lund Farm Day Camp

My home town wasn’t big enough to need a whole lot of creativity when it came to naming things.  The hotel was called the Lund Hotel.  The Community Centre/Gymnasium/Theatre was called the Lund Hall. Lund Harbour. Lund Store. The school, Lund School.  The students of that school, forever the Lund Kids. And the Lund Highway was […]

Jersey Girl

Part of cycling is the outfits.  BIG part of cycling.  Don’t let anyone tell you that it’s for visibility on the road because it’s full on closet fashionistas dying to be unleashed on to a catwalk somewhere.  This isn’t a high-profile enough stance to have as an athlete so we use terms like “body-mimicking fit” & “moisture […]