Jersey Girl

Part of cycling is the outfits.  BIG part of cycling.  Don’t let anyone tell you that it’s for visibility on the road because it’s full on closet fashionistas dying to be unleashed on to a catwalk somewhere.  This isn’t a high-profile enough stance to have as an athlete so we use terms like “body-mimicking fit” & “moisture […]

Creative Bone To Pick

What goes first for me now days is patience.  They say the mind does.  Sometimes the hair. Continence even.  I didn’t expect this.  This swelling impatience for those with heads up bums and in sand.   But here I am, my Father’s daughter, about to unload on yet another unsuspecting dumb dink. This is about no one […]

Piper Down

The good dishes.  The fancy outfit.  The deluxe bottle of champs. For as much as I go hard at life, I tend to save nice things for occasion type days.  Days of significance.  One’s that can be the bones of a story to write.  There is a shitload of pretty things in my storage under […]

Lessons From Gilda

Anyone that knows me, or the good parts of my act, knows where I’m from.  Lund, British Columbia. The end of the highway.  The land that cable forgot.  We had one channel growing up (CBC…of course) and two record players.  We’d gather for Tommy Hunter and Hockey Night in Canada as a family, but you […]

Rage Shrapnel

This morning I have my joke book open to my left, a phenomenal book about creativity open to my right, and my laptop open to the book I’m writing.  When I multitask I at least stay on board with one theme. Some good shit happened this past year and one of them was being asked….not […]