Pinky Swear

One of the most thoughtful donations I received for this years ride was use of a beautiful cottage in the days following.  There is a lot of physical and emotional recovery that needs to be tended to.  It’s day four and I’m still just super excited about not having a bra on.

I’m not sure but I think chipped nail polish in the Muskoka’s is a no no.  Caught some critical side eyes from a fancy lady at the country store yesterday.  Not “country-country” being that they stocked truffle oil.  If you know me at all, I’m not a big manicure girl.  I’ve never had smooth shiny nails and have the hands of a 95 year old piano teacher.  Plus these hands grew up full of fish guts.  It just feels weird to me to have someone fuss over them to make them dainty.  It’s like they’re trying to take away my tomboy super-powers and make me girlie.  Have been fighting that since I was five.

What I will get on board with is a little touch of polish as a remembrance.  Teams form and jerseys pop up when a child is lost and a purpose is born.  Over the years i’ve known some of these kids, become close with some of their families and proudly wear their teams jerseys when I ride.  It means something to them when I do and it means something to me. A public showing of support.  A conversation starter that leads into their story being told again.  As it should.

What happens though when the team jerseys outnumber the days you’ll be riding?  You go nail polish.  My pal Ulana kept a bottle of blue polish holstered at all times over the weekend.  There are a lot of guys back at work having to explain what they were up to on the weekend and that’s good!  Conversation starter.

There is no degree of measure in losing a child.  It’s all the worst.  Something about the little ones though really, really smarts.  All you want when you’re five is to get to be a big kid.  So my littlest finger on one hand is painted pink for Finn and on the other hand, purple for Naomi and Amelia.  Some of the little ones that never got to be big.  It’s my promise that i’m going to continue to fly the colours, tell the stories and keep working toward this destination beyond cancer that we’re all well invested in.

Pinky swear.

To donate to my ride:  Tour For Kids





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