Ride Up Gather Round

It’s not often that I jump out of bed singing a Def Leppard song but it happens.  I could pretend that I have more sophisticated tastes in music but anyone who sees what I have been inspired to wear today will be able to bust me.  It’s not music I have on my player, but one of those surprise songs you hear on the radio you forgot you knew or ever drove around summer Regattas in top down jeeps listening to.  Party songs.

Next week the party hopping starts and i’m ridiculously excited.  Again this year i’m joining the National Inside Ride Tour, travelling from St. John’s Newfoundland to Victoria British Columbia, with a group of people that I should be referring to by now as my homies.  It’s not the most conventional fundraising initiative but to put it in a nutshell, we haul bikes and ass across the country, screw the tires to indoor stationary trainers in communities as we make our way west.  We crank the tunes, jump around while the locals ride… dance…cheer…high-five…be alive….all for incredible places for children to be children when they are sick.

So the nutshell of this nutshell is acting like kids to help kids.

Kristin Victoria

I’ve been brought on to write about it, help with the yelling/cheering part as emcee, tag-team the photography, make you feel like you’re there through social media, and of course for my freakish upper body strength that’s needed to be part of this crew.  I’ve blown out a shoulder so like when I would get back from fishing season, expect my good arm to have a nice juicy bicep on it from hauling bikes that weigh a lot more than a salmon.  It will be a gun show but with only one in the holster.

Hoping it will be an example of what great things can spin off by engaging with people giving their all to wrastle some change into the world.  It is a cycling adventure, no doubt, but some of the biggest “aha” moments down this road for me will be from living in the back of a transport truck with a handful of cyclists for a month at the beginning of a Canadian winter.

The voice of this foundation is true and purposeful and compassionate.  I will join in that voice and help tell their story at www.nationalinsideridetour.com.  Many options there to follow along or join with us when we come to your town.

For the rest of the voices in my head, i’ll be here as usual.

Gunter glieben glauchen globen



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