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Clearly, if you’ve been following along, you know that I enjoy the cycling.  And with that, the coffee stops.  Today i’m switching it up and sitting in one of my favorites but with one slight difference….I smell okay and i’m wearing pants.

Funky coffee shops are a writers dream, particularly ones with couches and wifi.  Sadly, this one is an hours drive from my house but sometimes there are days when you can use some distance from your same old chair and your same old surroundings.  I’m not a woo woo airy fairy California foo foo energy dealer but I am aware of environments with good vibes and when I need it, i’ll commit to a commute.

At daybreak I was meeting a couple of friends to take pictures of their giant baby that has yet to be born.  As beautiful as the location was, Belfountain Conservation Area*, the logistical motivator with this place.  The Shed**.  When I was a young girl I would fall in love quite easily and often, mostly with boys on album covers or torn from Teen Beat magazine.  Now that I have found the love of my life, I direct my affections to places with the right brain trifecta….good couch, good coffee, good energy.  I play the field somewhat in this respect.  Have had my eye on this couch for months but have only ever made it up here to Erin on a bike.  It’s the perfect ride….uphill all the way with a fast downhill into town….nicely caffeinated climb back out to warm up,  then wee wee wee all the way home.

I’ve been here many times but bike shorts and leather couch don’t belong together. Thankfully, the owner gets us and has great places to sit that can be easily wiped down when we are safely out of town.  There’s bike swag here if you want it and a bathroom that doesn’t smell like basement.  What’s cool is that it’s a mix of roadies and townies, no turf war surfacing that makes one group feel excluded.  The staff doesn’t get rattled and lead with kindness and enthusiasm even if they’ve just unlocked their jaw from having to hear out some entitled dick complain about his needs not being met.  His need being a window seat.  Luckily, I can say “only the pretty people get to sit in the window seats” because being a comedian gives you that kind of latitude for commentary. I appreciate the effort that has been made to make this place great.  Reciprocated gratitude rocks.

The end of the season is near.  Bikes will be going inside soon.  Part of this visit today is sit somewhere and positively connect with what’s ahead of me off the bike.  After much uncertainty in a relentlessly difficult year,  life is starting to give back, as life will when you let it.  My biggest lesson is that once you stop trying to convince people to believe in you and you just let them go, it creates space for a new class of believers.  Where one might disesteem you, in that same space could be someone that fills you up with the volume of their conviction.  There’s only enough room for one.  Housing them both just creates conflict inside and adding coffee to that is a recipe for disaster, spiritually and digestively.

I think what I like about my away office here in Erin is that they are glad to see you, pants or no pants, they appreciate your business and they have created a culture of community, of caffeination and of comfort.  A business trifecta that many could benefit from if they just tried harder and understood the value of what’s actually outside the inside of their own bums.  It’s not a good place to keep your head if you want any kind of success.

* Belfountain Conservation Area has a fountain with a bell in it…..who knew?

** Like Me….Like The Shed



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