Who am I?

I’m Anna.  Comedian, writer, speaker, co-producer of a comedy festival now, cyclist, passionate volunteer and golfer.  I get bored easy.

Timeline to here is I started writing way before I ever stepped on a comedy stage.  Being scared shitless will do that to you.  Then I got brave and my stand-up became the outlet for what I had on my mind.  Worked out beautifully until sometimes what I had to say was in direct conflict with what audiences wanted to hear.

So I broke off in a couple directions.  One is the comedy/speaking which is for live audiences that have paid to see me.  It’s only fair that if there’s a cover, I should be polished, accommodating and refined.  Not too convoluted.  However, l find that some things are just better written.

My love for a stage remains in tact but where do you go when you have all these extra stories and don’t like hanging out in dark bars in the afternoon drinking draft?

So, another directioIMG_7551n i’ve taken is here.

This is my book with no chapters, my play with no acts, and my journal with all names changed.

It’s f**king delightful to be here.



2 thoughts on “Who am I?

  1. hey Anna,
    hope you are well and enjoying our beautiful summer weather.
    you really are a great writer. no kidding
    keep in touch eh

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