So Blue

Blue is the colour of auditions.  If you’re the colour of me.  Blonde hair, blue eyes, blue shirt.  The three B’s of television.  There was never really a time where I took auditioning for commercials seriously.  It was just something comedians did.  Some brilliantly.  Me not so much.  Wearing a shirt in a flattering colour was my only move.  Now there is not enough blue in the world to cover what high definition uncovers and I’m grateful that I came up during the luxurious pre-hi-def era.

I’ve since gone back to chewing my nails, letting my hair grow haywire and I can’t write if I’m wearing makeup.  All my blue comes in shlumpy boyfriend jeans.  Big love to casting directors that had me in and showed me out without incident. I was supposed to be the one bringing humour to them but turns out they were humouring me.   Thanks guys!

I have a cycling buddy who is also of fair complexion and we’ve been known to rock the blue jersey’s on occasion.  Her and I have dissimilar schedules so don’t often ride together which makes every ride somewhat celebratory.  Celebrations = Selfies.  That’s the era we are in now.   Just cruise a facebook page and enjoy 73 different/same duck faced shots from one party.  Ulana and I have a beautiful understanding of each other knowing it will take a couple kicks at the selfie can before we are okay with how one turned out.  Women our age don’t carry that confident ease needed to take solid selfies. We’re not 14.

We rode together this weekend on the day her daughter had been gone for fourteen years. Fourteen years with, fourteen years without.  Not a child I knew but spend any time with her Mom and by osmosis, you will miss her.  There’s far too much spirit in this woman to be coming from once source.

Ulana’s ring fingernail is painted blue.  In rememberance of Taissa.  This weekend a lot of us are sporting the same 1/10th manicure. Before medical science told us exactly how the circulatory system functioned, people had a lovely belief that a vein ran directly from the left ring finger to the heart.

I stand by what I told my Science teacher in high school.   Science is stupid.  This connection exists.

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