Stank You

It is rare now, but on occassion,  everyone needs to go into the bank and speak to a human. This typically happen to me when I’m still sporting a post ride glow.  Damp bike shorts, clingy jersey, salty face, looking for snacks.  I really should get over it and just shower at the gym but because I teach indoor cycling, people know me and having conversations in the nude…well…I’m just not there yet.  I’m not that Scandinavian.

Banks aren’t things you plan for anymore unless you’re shined up to renegotiate your mortgage.  A lost card, a compromised account, things that come up fast.  No matter how urgent,  forced to stand in line because there are only ever two tellers max at any branch.  And often some untrusting dinosaur paying his phone bill with musty cash so he can hear the thunk of the stamp and know that it’s done.

So I wait.  And stank the bank.

Times like these I pretend I’m doing something very important on my phone like reading emails from agents and editors that I must respond to immediately.  I’m not.  I’m tweeting.  It’s my social pacifier when I’m feeling awkward.  It’s everyone’s social pacifier when they’re feeling awkward!  When was the last time you stood in a line and owned how terrible you looked (smelled) with empty hands and your chin up?

On this day I did.  I pocketed my phone because someone in line asked about my jersey.  A kind question about Tour For Kids, not “Why are you dressed like Lance Armstrong in a bank?”   He’s a dink. I don’t talk about him anymore.  Even though we share fashion sensibilities.   A dear woman who grew up in an age of actual chatting using words and well before smart phones.  We had a great conversation that reminded me of how proud I am of this annual ride and how much a part of my life it has become.  It’s part of my character, it’s woven into the lycra fabric of my life.  It’s not just an event anymore.

All the training and cycling and stinking up banks is about this tour.  It’s unlikely that I could commit to this kind of effort if it was all about me.  I’m drawn to people that need help and repelled by those that have the ability to help themselves but don’t.   Point being, we live in a world where people feel completely justified in running kickstarter campaigns for their vacations.

It’s go time.  My big fat multi-day ride is coming up fast.  The stories are starting to spill out here again.  After all these years there are faces and names and relationships attached to it now.  It’s means something more than it did in the beginning.  I continue to be humbled and appreciative of everyone that supports me and from the bottom of my heart, I stank you.  I stank you very much.

Tour For Kids 2015

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